Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dutch Internal Intelligence Service: Terrorist threat homegrown and home bound

The AIVD, The Dutch Internal Intelligence Service reported (Dutch) to Dutch Parliament today in a public report that the threat of terrorist attacks against Dutch targets is mainly from locally organised networks or cells. The number of Muslims involved in Jihad is volatile and they are able to act violently without need for support or input from abroad. The number of active Jihadis bent on murder and mayhem is higher than 150. "Not all networks a direct threat" according to Minister Remkes of "Binnenlandse Zaken" the Dutch Home Office.

The report was interpreted for the benefit of Dutch Parliament by mr. Van Hulst, the head of the AIVD.

However Dutch Jihadi networks are increasingly seeking to get intergrated into international networks. They are looking for Jihadis from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan who enter the Netherlands under the flows of family re-unification, marriages, asylum and tourism. The AIVD has found concrete examples of this, said mr. Van Hulst.

Radicalisation of Muslims to Jihadi differs in The Netherlands from other European countries on three points:

- Jihad in The Netherlands is the main drive of Dutch Jihadis; and
- is aimed at politicians and pundits;
- the role of women is significant in Dutch Jihadi networks.

The Jihadi women take initiative. According to mr. Van Hulst a similar transformation may soon be seen in the rest of Europe. Feminism is a scourge.

This news confirms the worst suspicions of that segment of the Dutch population hostile to third world immigration. And feminism :-)

Such as your inteprid reporter.


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